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Who will coach the training sessions at the camp?

Each training session will be ran by the college coaches attending the camp. The coaches are encouraged to run the same type of training sessions they conduct at their specific college / university.

For a two day camp, will all the coaches be there for both days?

In some cases yes. However, there is a good chance that each day at camp will have a few new staff members (coaches only working one day). Some of the coaches will only work one of the two days of camp.

Can I get a refund if I miss camp?

No. We base or staffing on the camp enrollment numbers. If you have to miss camp we will provide camp credit to a future camp.

Will there be college talk / college educational seminar?

Yes. We will give a college seminar / talk on one of the two nights of camp. Sometimes the college talk is done by the camp staff and sometimes we bring in an outside group (College Soccer Panels).

Can I e mail the camp staff prior to attending camp to let them know I will be there?

Yes. This is encouraged. Per NCAA rules, some coaches might not be able to reply to your e-mail or phone call.